Resources for Young Filmmakers

Technical Resources

Toon Boom Harmony: Successor to the popular Toon Boom Studio. A full-featured animation software package suitable for ambitious teens looking to make high-quality 2D animation. This is professional-grade software used by both hobbyists and professional animators.

Dragonframe: A full-featured software system suitable for ambitious teens for making high-quality stop-motion animation.

iMotionA free time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS

iStopMotion RemoteA free app for iOS

Lapse ItFree time-lapse video software for iOS or Android

Stop Motion Studio: An inexpensive  app designed for making stop motion videos on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or desktop Mac.

iKitMovieFree stop motion animation software for Windows.

Hue HDAn animation studio designed for the classroom.

OGOBILD Animate It: Ogobild is a line of creative construction toys popular in the UK. Their Animate It Studio Kit is an all-in-one kit for kids  learning how to create their own stop motion animated movies. It includes the  Animate It! Express software, which was developed with the Aardman Animations studio (the creators of Wallace & Gromit).

Stopmotion ExplosionThis kit contains everything needed to create  stop motion films. Users can either follow the instructions contained in the Stopmotion Explosion book, or watch exclusive video tutorials in the Stopmotion Explosion Content Hub.

Stopmotion Studio 4This kit provides software, but requires you to supply your own camera. Many DSLR cameras can work for this purpose.

Van Aken Claytoon ClaySpecial modeling clay that does not harden, and thus is well suited for using in stop motion animation.


As an additional resource, here is a review of various stop motion kits.


Advice and Instruction


Helpful articles on making stop motion movies:






The Klutz Book of Animation