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A malfunctioning air conditioner provides an unexpected opportunity for imaginative play

One day, I was watching my tablet in my study room, and I heard a strange sound. I looked where the sound was coming from, and I saw the AC dripping some cold water.

I switched the AC off. I then brought a bowl to keep water from spilling on the floor. Soon the bowl got filled up with water.

Then I brought a bigger bowl. The bowl was a glass bowl. I liked the dripping sound of water in this glass bowl. I started to sing along with the music of dripping water. Later it got filled up too. I brought a large blue bucket.

Playing with Bubbles

I made one paper boat and some paper people. When the bucket was full, I put paper people in the boat and pretended they were sailing in the bucket sea. I then made up a story out of it.

It was about two brothers sailing in the deep sea. The brothers decided to dive into the sea. They had full diving suits and oxygen with them. They met a shark there. One of the brothers was scared, but the other understood that it was a baby shark who was hurt. So, the big brother helped the baby shark. The baby shark thanked him by swimming around him. They got back to the boat, feeling happy.

By this time, the water had flowed over the bucket and spilled all over the floor. I quickly threw the water out of the bucket and brought a wiper to wipe the floor. My father saw me doing this. I told him to call the AC repair person. Then the mechanic came and fixed the AC. The AC stopped dripping water.

Anusha Ranjan
Anusha Ranjan, 7
Mumbai, India

Enzo Moscola
Enzo Moscola, 11
San Diego, CA