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I am the memory rock,
I will keep your memories safe.
I’ve been here for ages,
I am a special place.

Here’s a list of things I’ve heard,
things I’ve seen,
a few thoughts, and one request.

The things I’ve heard,
the things I’ve heard!
I’ve heard the seagulls . . .

talk, talk, talk.
But my favorite song is . . .
the song of the tide

The things I’ve seen
oh, what I’ve seen.
I’ve seen “I do’s” and
the happiest kid play.
As the sun sets
I watch a picnic
and a hermit crab play.

But come close . . .
let me tell you my favorite part.
It’s at night when the sun sets and says
good night,
just for the moon to say hello.

Now this beach is my home,
it’s a lovely home,
and I’m not the only resident.
This is a home to thousands of creatures
both big and small.
Some in the depths of the ocean
and some on top of me.

You see, I am the memory rock
so come see me and make a memory,
I will keep your memory safe.