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Right in your hands
That very hard night
Because I am your child
That time we had a chance to turn a page and the only way to get out of the stupid town.
Bang bang bang
Trrrack trrrack
Krack krack krack
Those are the sounds we heard behind us as we were running away
Oh my goodness
Now I understand the meaning of refugee in Kiswahili.
Meaning a runner
We need peace


This poem was created with the support of the Humanitarian Service Team.

The Humanitarian Service Team is a refugee founded and led nonprofit, community-based organization located in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Uganda. Nakivale Refugee Settlement is the eighth largest refugee settlement in the world. The program aims to empower refugees and host communities through charity, awareness, and entrepreneurship courses through a number of educational and skill-building initiatives.

About the Project

There are millions of children affected by war, social collapse, and climate change now living in refugee camps or dispersed in host countries far from their original homes. The work that appears here is a part of Stone Soup’s growing collection of creative expression by young people whose lives have been upended by such conflict throughout the world. To explore the entire collection, please visit the Stone Soup Refugee Project online: https://stonesoup.com/refugee-project/.