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moods of the week text image

On Sunday, I feel happy because I have nothing to do but play.
I sit by the computer and watch YouTube all day.
I send yellow balls flying with my white-and-purple racquet,
Then get out other strings—my violin from where I pack it.
I never feel stressed and always get a good rest.
I love Sundays, a day I have no tests.

On Monday, I am tired; it’s the beginning of the week.
More geometry, science. US history makes me freak.
First though, at 7:00, is tennis practice in the morning—
“SWING MORE POWERFULLY!” is a constant warning.
My arm is so tired and all of my body wants to sleep.
But it’s Monday and the whole school sounds like sheep.

On Tuesday, I feel depressed. I have homework that’s due.
I get more homework, which I have no clue how to do.
To make matters worse, at 6:30 there’s math club.
Then for dinner, I have to eat spicy sausage grub.
I go to my room and watch some online tutorials.
It’s Tuesday, and I still can’t understand factorials.

On Wednesday, I am free with nothing after school.
I eat M&M cookies, then splash into the pool.
My homework today is easy and quick,
So I go to HEB with dad, and strawberries I pick.
At home, with nothing to do, I don’t get bossed around.
I love Wednesdays because I never break down.

On Thursday, I am tired; I have tennis once again.
I run around the green, returning balls and hoping I’ll win.
I lose all my energy for the rest of the day.
I really don’t want to write another essay.
Can’t the teachers stop cramming in so many tests?
All I want on Thursdays is to Have. A. Rest.

On Friday, I feel okay—the tests are finally at their end.
The bell at 3:55 will make it start to feel like the weekend.
Before that, noodles, goldfish, and berries will get me through,
Just as long as no one packed me a cashew.
I trudge down the halls—this feeling only lasts for a while.
Fridays are okay because at least I will smile.

On Saturday, my mood changes, I end happy but start sad.
I start off with Chinese. Everything makes me look bad.
But after I finish, I am glad to have nothing to do.
Sometimes I go on the balcony and just look at the view.
I once again end up watching YouTube all day.
On Saturdays, I sometimes even go outside to play.

Carolyn Lu
Carolyn Lu, 13
Katy, TX