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Teaching Art, Teaching Children  /   /  By Amy Gibbs
Stone Soup Magazine
May/June 2017

Grand Junction, Colorado is one of those western towns that can’t really decide if it wants to be progressive or good ol’ boy. Maybe the longtime residents just ignore us newbies (anyone who has been here less than 30 years is pretty much a newbie) and go on just doing what they do. Ranching, mining,

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Amy Gibbs
About the Author

Assistant Art Heritage Coordinator at Mesa County Valley School District #51

I am a native of the part of Northern California that is considered by many to be more Oregon than California. Far from the urban centers, blue-collar, with blazes of surprising liberality.
I now live in the part of Western Colorado that is considered by many to be more Utah than Colorado. Over the considerable barrier of the Rockies from any urban area, ranch and mining country with flashes of neo-liberal outdoorsy environmentalism.

I am a working artist, a mother, an educator.

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