Movies Made by Kids

The Robot and the Butterfly

This student-made stop-motion animation was  a collaborative effort between two Iowa City elementary school art rooms.

Stand Up Tall

The story, animation, and lyrics of this video were all done by 400+ K-6th grade students

Don’t Eat the Cookies

This fifth-grade movie project from Bethke Elementary in Timnath, Colorado, is made entirely by the students.

Mystery of the Missing Jewels

Posted by Melissa Garza to her YouTube channel, this video was created by kids at a weeklong day camp.


NeuroKitchen Arts Collective is driven by collaboration and energized by mature artists mentoring new ones. The movies shown here were created by kids age s 6 and 7, in the summer Curiosity Club. The kids wrote the stories, directed their story, acted in their friend’s movies, and shot most of the footage. They also offer this brief example of stop-motion animation.