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When I was small,
Around preschool,
I was called

For some reason,
One that I still do not understand,
My mother and father decided
To change my name.

In a legal process which took ages,
And tons and tons of pages,
My name transformed
Into something new.
I was Shivanshi.

I said it to myself,
Trying it out on my tongue.
Shi-van-shi, Shi-van-shi.
It sounded good.
Strong and firm.

It takes a while for people to get it.
They say,

Some people call me Shiv,
Just because they are too lazy
To take the time to say it right.

I am called other things as well.
Things that I like.
By my friends and family,
I am called Shivi.
To me it sounds fun and playful.
Every time it is said, it reminds me of
Our closeness.

By my best friend of all,
I am called Ivi.
A short name,
So short that it couldn’t possibly represent all of our friendship,
But it does.