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The brain is an organism that lives.
We are creatures; we deepen our arc of knowledge.
We can tumble into an image of fantasy, best yet, commotions, emotions,
I communicate verbally.
Welcome to reality.
It’s a place where dreams stop or continue,
It’s a blank page of a story with no proper ending.
This feeling of tension burns up into my body.
It’s something I cannot quite name.
Could it be an emotion’s name?
Nope, it’s untitled, unleashed, a vulture flying through the winds of our hidden passion.
We are just souls scattered throughout the universe,
As compared to Mother Earth.
We are less than a dot,
We are smart,
We evolve,
There are too many things to keep count on.
It’s a beautiful world.
With a wish
I carry my cats.
I carry a backpack full of my sparkling joy,
My wings enable me to fly and shine throughout my time.
I am satisfied with how I control my feelings and thoughts, my actions, my communications,
A brain gives us the freedom of speech; it gives us liberty.