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A young boy tells the story of living on a cloud

Hello. My name is Roy. I live in a big, big cloud. One day, I felt a bump on my shoulder and other raindrops squeezed me tight. I had to leave this cloud. But how?

A few days later in the morning, I realized I was falling in midair! A bird came by and he tried to swallow me! The bird missed because I was falling rapidly!

Grass Jewels

Suddenly I felt something under my foot, and I landed somewhere mysterious. I felt so sad. No one was with me. Then, I suddenly realized it was night! Well, perhaps I had to sleep. “Sleep tight,” I said to myself.

The next day, when I woke, I realized I was floating. This can’t be real! It’s just a nightmare! I thought.

Then I started to rise. I rose faster, then faster and faster, and I couldn’t control myself from rising! Quickly, I rose back to the sky! After that, a small cloud stood in front of me. He asked me if I wanted to join. “Yes!” I said.

Just like that, the journey began again—again and again. Each time I felt something new; each time, it was very scary. Believe me or not!