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Space Travel: Goh to Van Gogh


Night is dark and mysterious.
Every soul is asleep.
Even the tiny baby birds don't make a sound
for we know the moon is quite big
its falling, glowing gaze from up above.

The stars are bright.
The fairies dance under the twinkling lights.
In the moonlight, God casts a spell on the glowing Earth
to make the sun peek out from behind the clouds
again and again.

After the darkness has gone,
a big yellow ball of fire emerges from the sky.
Everybody is awake except the owls
who sleep and don't make a hoot.

Birds fly everywhere and tweet their melodies.
Butterflies flutter with excitement and dance along.
The sky is painted blue
like a canvas.
The sidewalks are warm under my feet.
It is time to shout and play!

As evening approaches,
God casts a spell to make the starry night appear
again and again.

Hannah Parker Night and Day
Hannah Parker, 12 Burlington, VT

Caitlin Goh Space Travel: Goh to Van Gogh
Caitlin Goh, 8
Dallas, TX