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1 winter day at
2 in the morning there are
3 people sleeping as
4 owls are hooting before they go to sleep at
5 a.m.
6 in the morning and the owls have stopped hooting,
7 birds are chirping as they search for food.
8 dogs are barking,
9 cats are hissing as they fight at
10 in the morning, there are
11 people driving to lunch at
13 days later, there is heat again.
14 people are swimming in the
15-mile lake.
16 cars are driving to exit
17, taking people to work.
18 days have passed now
19 people are in school getting bored to death.
20 people are running the
21-mile race.
22 days later, the heat is getting stronger,
On the 23rd, days are getting longer.
The world seems to turn faster.
The racers run faster.
The light is still putting up a fight.
24 hours after midnight.


Numbers Patrick Lusa
Patrick Lusa, 11
Stafford Springs, CT