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Driving in a rented car
We stop for a second
I observe the diamond
Tessellation on a fence

I look at the one-way sign
Then turn my head
I see bricks

And yellow paint
And beautiful
Pink, purple and white

I see green
And four trees
And yellow flowers

I close my eyes
And think about
The move
And how
Our new house
Might have a
Roof garden

I will plant
Roses and shrubs,
Broccoli, celery,
Tulips and proteas

Orchids and hibiscuses
Spinach, mint, dandelions

Rosemary, garlic and
Onions and thyme

There will be
Tomatoes and
Potatoes and
Lilies and buttercups
I blink my eyes and
I’m no longer in my garden
I’m in a tunnel
I watch the white
And blue and yellow
Go flashing by

I think of blue proteas,
Yellow buttercups,
White roses,

Then I’m back
In my garden
I sit down
Among the plants and
Read my favorite book