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Saturday Newsletter: September 15, 2018

I vividly remember my mom, dad and stepdad around Tyler’s bed, each massaging a different foot and hand.Illustrator Sarah Dennis, 13 for ‘Together’ by Alex Miffiin, 12. Published January/February 2001. A note from William Rubel In the next few Newsletters I’d like to re-introduce to you the Stone Soup staff. As the current September issue marks the first […]

Saturday Newsletter: August 11, 2018

The forest was serene and peaceful yet alive with hundreds of sounds Illustrator J. Palmer for ‘Swaying in the Breeze’ by Megan M. Gannett, 13. Published November/December 2003. To our adult readers and supporters… In the eternal words of the song from Cabaret, “Money makes the world go around.” A pledge of the equivalent value of one cappuccino a […]

Saturday Newsletter: May 19, 2018

With each round of the pedals I felt more confident that this was the right thing to do Illustrator Sofia deGraff-Ford, 13 for Friends Forever? by Michael Scognamiglio,13 Published September/October 2006. A note from William Rubel In the last two months I have been to Taipei, Philadelphia, Charleston, and Mount Vernon, Virginia! Whew! As I write this at home […]

The Basics of Animation: Walk Cycle

Animation is a complicated activity. It may look easy enough, but it’s actually not all that simple. It takes many steps to create even the most simple of animations. In this blog entry, I will be showing how to make a walk cycle, which is a character walking in a loop, in three steps. –Editors […]

Books vs. Video Games

Books are in many ways a different universe. They lead to imagination and adventure more than any other object or activity. Some might argue that this isn’t true. Well, what else could possibly be so imaginative? Back before electronic devices such as phones, computers, and television, there was no real entertainment besides books and the […]

The Secret Agent Baker

My name is Jeff and I am like every other normal kid in the world going into the seventh grade. Actually, maybe I’m not normal because my family is rich. My family has a mom, dad, older brother, and younger sister. I am totally different from everyone in my family. For instance, I have never […]

Saturday Newsletter: September 23, 2017

“100 Me’s”. Sophia Lee Bartolini, 11 A Stone Soup selfie contest winner, Spring 2017 A note from William Rubel Selfie Contest #2! Last spring we had a very successful selfie contest. Now it’s fall, we thought it was time to bring it back. Our second Selfie Contest has the deadline of Monday, November 6. The top five winners […]

Welcome Aboard

I had heard that boarding a train was like entering a whole new world Gusts of wind whipped around the platform, a welcome appearance for the impatient passengers dripping with sweat on this sweltering Beijing summer afternoon. Off in the distance, two whistles blew, piercing the air with their tremulous shrill, ushering in a series […]

Leaving Emma

Leaving Emma by Nancy Steele Brokaw; Clarion Books: New York, 1999; $15 Having a best friend can make a kid feel like she’s on top of the world. I know, because I have had the same best friend since I was less than two years old. But if something should happen with that best friend, […]

A Long Way Down

My legs were shaking, my heart pounding. As we neared the edge of the cliff, I double-checked all my rappelling equipment to make sure it was secure. Quickly, I went through all the safety precautions in my mind. I felt anxious, but not eager for my turn as I waited in line with the members […]