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Personal Privacy Information for our Users Subscribers Stone Soup respects the privacy of our subscribers. We do not share our subscribers’ information with anyone except those who provide support for the internal operations of our business (e.g., our website technicians). The email addresses we collect are used to communicate with our customers about their orders […]

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How to Use Stone Soup in the Classroom The Stone Soup website has ready-made curriculum materials to use with your students to supplement your writing program, or as self-directed projects for your more motivated students. Creative Prompts  Weekly Prompts. Short prompts perfect for warmups, drawn from the Stone Soup Weekly Prompt Newsletter. Activities. Longer, more […]

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Stone Soup is the respected source for writing by children. Following is a partial bibliography of textbooks, books, and educational tests that have reprinted material from Stone Soup. This list is your guarantee that, when you subscribe to Stone Soup for your children or your students, you are buying for them a standard of excellence […]

History of the Stone Soup Folktale from 1720 to Now, by William Rubel

Some Recipes for Stone Soup from 1732, 1808–and 2019! Boil stones in butter, and you may sip the broth. (Fuller 1732) ‘Give me a piece of paper’ (said the traveler) ‘and I’ll write it down for you,’ which he did as follows:—A receipt to-make Stone Soup. ‘ Take a large stone, put it into a sufficient […]


This year, for a school project, Lilly was volunteering at a nursing home, or rather, she had been volunteered. It was not a pleasant prospect. From what she had heard from her older sister, Rose, it was basically just sitting around and listening to old people talk, talk, talk. Rose was the exaggeration queen, so […]

Life Among the Whispers

By Mathilde Fox-Smith Illustrated by Anika Knudson No longer was the building a building, but a window He had decided earlier that he wouldn’t do it tonight. This nagging annoyed him profoundly. Though now that he was already plastered against a wall, inches from the swerving shaft of police-car headlights in the city, it might as […]

Five Simple Tips for Revising

Let’s face it. Writing is fun. It’s the revising we avoid.  When we first write, our pen goes wherever our ideas lead; we create characters and situations, mold them and direct them at will. Then we sit back, marinating in the satisfaction of our finished work. Enter the dreaded voice of revision, whose sole purpose is […]


Roey looked sulkily into her bedroom mirror. She turned around, scrutinizing her nose from every angle, but whichever direction she faced her nose, slightly resembling a ski slope, looked the same to her. It wasn’t that Roey actively disliked the way she looked; just her nose. When you got down to it, she was actually […]

My Story

I was born on October 31, 1972 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I was very young when my country was in trouble in 1975. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge (the Communist leaders) came into town. They sent us and the other people out of town to other places to work on the rice fields. My family […]

Lone Wolf

By Julie Frazier, 14, Licking Heights High School, Pataskala, Ohio Illustrated by Ryan Mills, 10, Santa Cruz, California The day was a cold, crisp spring day, a good day for a picnic. And that’s exactly what Mike and Julie planned to do. They had lived in this Canadian wilderness for almost ten years, so they […]

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