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Writing Workshop #39: Ghosts (part 1)

An update from our thirty-ninth Writing Workshop A summary of the workshop held on Saturday May 1, plus some of the output published below In his second class in the spring 2021 series, William took us on a journey to the spirit world, looking at mysterious manifestations in fiction and popular culture, from Caspar the […]

Writing Activity: take a character on a believable journey from zero to hero

‘Tom Green,’ a story by 10-year-old Zahra Batteh, is a classic redemption tale. Tom Green, a horrible, spoiled, lazy young man loses all his money and privilege, and through a series of misfortunes and (eventually) hard work over several years develops compassion and gratitude, and becomes a better person. In the end, he finds happiness not […]

Daily Creativity #5: Flash Fiction of Social Activity

It’s Friday–time for some flash fiction! Think of an activity you like to take part in with other people–like football or singing or playing a board game–and write a narrative of fewer than 250 words in which that thing is at the center of the action.

Writing Activity: Using Framing to Add Depth and Power

Emma McKinny’s story “Windsong,” is about going to a performance of Dr. Atomic, an opera by John Adams with libretto by Peter Sellers. Her father is the lead singer. You can use your research skills to  get information on the actual performance and its reviews online, but here we want to focus on one element of the […]