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Saturday Newsletter: May 9, 2020

Artist Mark Wallinger standing behind his work, The World Turned Upside Down (2019) London, April 2020 A note from Jane A couple of weeks ago I took my daily walk in central London (walking at a two-meter distance from Stone Soup’s designer, my neighbor Joe Ewart). All of you who live in big cities will know how strange […]

Saturday Newsletter: May 2, 2020

JellyfishBy Heloise Matumoto, 13 (Quebec, Canada), iPhone SE photograph, the cover image from Stone Soup, May 2020 A note from William First, the news and some updates I would like to thank all of you who have recently subscribed. Sales are up for the month. Thank you! It is probably best to think of Stone Soup as […]

Daily Creativity #6 | Flash Contest: Write a Story in Dialogue

Write a story told completely through dialogue. How do you communicate the differences between characters? How can you make sure that the reader knows what is going on? Can you make action part of natural-sounding speech? This Daily Creativity prompt is also our first Weekly Flash Contest! We’d love to read your responses to this […]

Saturday Newsletter: March 28, 2020

Mountains with Trees (oil pastels)Enoch Farnham, 12 (Edmond, OK), published in Stone Soup, March 2020 A note from Jane Pandemics are not something new. Sheltering in place, which many of us are doing by not going out of our houses except to get exercise or food, is also an ancient human practice. The great British scientist […]

Saturday Newsletter: January 11, 2020

Pond, Tomb of Rekhmire, approximately 3,300 years ago, Egypt. A note from William Rubel Last week, editor Emma Wood wrote about a painting by “outsider” artist Morris Hirshfield. If you missed that newsletter, please read it here. Emma wrote about the artist’s evocative and yet not exactly realistic way of depicting scenes. Keeping with this […]

Saturday Newsletter: October 19, 2019

Lady in Red by Alexa Zhang, 9 (Los Altos, CA) illustrating “Windsong” by Emma McKinny, 13 (Old Fort, NC) Published in Stone Soup October 2019   A note from William Rubel I had written my letter to you for the week in the lobby of a Tokyo hotel where Jane Levi (you know her as […]

Saturday Newsletter: August 24, 2019

“Class, I would like you to meet Kenta.” Illustrator Gordon Su, 13, for “Conrad and Fate” by Nate Sheehan, 12. Published January/February 2015. A note from William Welcome back to school! If you are like my daughter, then you’ve just finished one of those incredibly long (and yet at the same time incredibly short) summer vacations. […]

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces, Reviewed by Abhi Sukhdial, 11

Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces by Carly Anne West is a very unique kind of book. It’s because the book is based on a video game called “Hello Neighbor.” I didn’t know much about the video game at the time, but I knew the video game was very successful. So when I saw this book at […]

Summer Math Camp

Illustration by Megan M. Gannett, 13, from her story Swaying in the Breeze, published in our December 2016 issue I jumped out of the car and closed the door behind me. I ran up the sidewalk towards the house where math camp was being held. A few other kids were also arriving then and I […]