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Editor’s Introduction

Since November 2017, we have published 15—and, with this issue, now 20— of Hannah Parker’s photographs. This issue also marks her fourth Stone Soup cover. Hannah lives on a farm in Vermont with goats, a dog, chickens, cats, and a bunny. Given her surroundings, it’s no surprise that her subject has always been nature—from flowers and landscapes to her own pets and wildlife.

Though her subject has remained the same, in the two years we’ve been publishing her work, Hannah’s approach has changed and matured. Her early photos often depicted nature in straightforward ways: a flower framed in the center of the photograph, for instance. Even early on, however, she had photographs that had a hint of strangeness, that forced us to see something very normal—a dog, the full moon—in a new way, because of how she framed the subject.

Over time, Hannah’s photographs have all become stranger—and so more beautiful and more interesting—as she has experimented with editing techniques alongside new angles and frames. In this portfolio, you will see an oversaturated, almost alien-looking landscape; flowers that look as tall as trees; a landscape reflected in a raindrop; and ghostly daisies.

Even though Hannah has now turned 14, we look forward to continuing to publish the works she submitted in the months prior. We hope her work will inspire many of you not only to take photographs but to rethink your approach to common photographic subjects!

Emma Wood

Fog over Stowe

Queen Anne Silhouettes

Reflections in a Raindrop

Ghost Daises

Hannah Parker Flight Through the Cosmos
Hannah Parker, 13
South Burlington, VT
Camera: Nikon CoolPix L830