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Angled Piece Busts
And Smears Ink Blots
Most Sublime Yellow
With Tiny Little Black
Dark Lines Indented,
In Divinely Wrapped
Peeling Paper which
Flakes Away with Each
Sharpening Within the
Motor with its Grating
Noise Which Grinds at
The Soul, Paper Peels
Away like my Worries
As I Pick up a Pencil
And Write my Sadness
Away like Stardust on a
Blust’ry Eve, Finger Rubs
’Gainst Course Material
Of Sun, Lemon School
Bus, Gorgeous Golden
Onion Skin Shaves Away
And Ashen Grey-Colored
Graphite Collects in Tube
Like Powder Sugar Soon
Turned Charcoal, Lovely
Pole of Saffron Freeness
Most Gorgeous Block of
Fuchsia Elatedness which
Allows a Take Back, Redo,
Precious Second Chance
That Disappears Too Fast.

Reach for the Sky

Ismini Vasiloglou
Ismini Vasiloglou, 11
Atlanta, GA

Arjun Nair
Arjun Nair, 9
Midlothian, VA