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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

We are establishing GPI chapters around the globe, like Girl Pride Samburu, our first chapter (recognized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protections and the State Department of the Republic of Kenya), which is currently working closely with several local schools to purchase much-needed core-curriculum books, PPE, sanitary products, and solar lamps to keep students, particularly girls, engaged in learning. 

Our conviction to be advocates for girls worldwide is poignantly exemplified by a recent intervention, where GPI fought hard to prevent the dropping out and child marriage of now 12 year old Lisano L., top of her 5th grade class in Kenya. By intervening in the courts, providing material assistance, and advocating for Lisano’s future, GPI has helped change the trajectory of Lisano’s life (who is now proudly a Girl Pride Ambassador).

We are also planning to build libraries and additional classrooms in GPI Samburu, and are working with local government, businesses, and community leaders to better the community. Part of Girl Pride International’s work in GPI Samburu also involves building of maternity homes through our Community-Building Projects, a core aspect of our Ambassadors Scholarship Program, a flagship initiative which supports the lifelong development of GPI Ambassadors, members committed to serving their communities.

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