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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

It needs courage to build a school !
It needs courage to touch children’s hearts !
It needs courage to welcome homelessness !
It needs courage to stand with us in one line !
It needs courage to open an educational house !
It needs courage to give hope for hopelessness !
It needs courage to give pens to those that have never touched a pen before !
It needs courage to paint the black and white world of the wounded !
It needs courage to advocate from silences !
It needs courage to give shelter to others !
It needs courage to stay a human !
It needs courage !
It need courage
It’s easy to destroy !
It’s easy to break hearts !
It’s easy to shout at the silenced !
It’s easy to close your eyes on truths !
It’s easy to hurt those who have been hurtled many times !
It’s easy to sit aside !
It’s easy to show your power against weaknesses !
It’s easy !
It’s easy !e of fascists and racists again !
We will and you will notice !

But , we will never give up !
We will build again , stronger than before !
We will help again more committed than before !
We will bring happiness and stay happy , happier than before !
We will make islands free


Parwana Amiri
Parwana Amiri, 16
Herat Province, Afghanistan

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