Publish Your Video With Stone Soup

Stone Soup is actively looking for videos produced by filmmakers through age 14. All videos should have a title frame and a list of credits. If any adults assisted with the project, please list them separately from the children.

You may upload videos to our Submittable page.

Accepted videos will be published in the online edition of Stone Soup magazine.

The video you send us may be of any length. Live action and animated videos are both welcome. We also publish music videos and documentaries made by kids.

When you submit your video we will be asking for nonexclusive publishing rights, which means that if you would like to submit your video to another publisher or a film festival, you would have the right to do so.

If there is a video by a child under fifteen that you think should be on this page and is already posted to the Internet, please send us an email with the link.