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Plagued by constant teasing, Mari makes a plan

Mari was sitting in her room when a brilliant idea hit her. She’d sell more pies, and with the money she’d buy a silk dress and then she could go to Lucy’s quinceañera.

But, all the girls of Tulip Avenue laughed at her. And only because she lived in a pumpkin house!

“Then I’ll make a plan,” she said to herself. The next day, she bought a wig and got her sunglasses. She sold all of her pies and bought a dress made out of silk.

She went to the quinceañera, wig, sunglasses, and all. She came in and ate some cake. It was delicious!

But when she was eating, her wig fell off, revealing her face. Everybody started to laugh. “Pumpkin girl! Pumpkin girl!”

But then Lucy demanded, “Who is ‘pumpkin girl?’” Everybody pointed at Mari.

“She’s my friend, not ‘pumpkin girl,’” Lucy declared.

“Uhmmm. Hehe,” they said nervously.

Now everything was fixed.