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The Sunset

Stream of consciousness—
What is a stream of consciousness?
Does it flow like the Loire
In J. M.W. Turner’s painting?

Is it a river of thoughts?
Is it the blue of the sky
Reflective like the water
Or the pure white of the clouds on the canvas?

How do we think?
Why do we think?
What is thinking?
Am I thinking right now?

How is thinking possible?
Why did Descartes say
“I think, therefore I am?”
Do we have to think to be?

Do plants think?
Why am I having a stream of consciousness
About a stream of consciousness?
What is the meaning of consciousness?

Why does the world exist?
Why does the universe exist?
If something created the world
How did that something get created?

Why is it possible to exist?
Can anything come from nothing?
But if it can’t
How did anything get started?

Has anything existed forever?
What happened before the Big Bang?
Did the Big Bang happen?
Is the simulation theory right?

Am I part of a computer or am I real?
Is anyone real?
But if no one is real
Who made the simulation?
Why am I thinking about this?
Why am I even thinking?
Am I thinking in circles?
What is a circle?

Was Plato right about the world of ideas
Where a perfect circle exists
As the starting point for all other circles
Like a circular cookie cutter?

What is the meaning of life?
Why? When? Where? What? Who? How?
Why do I have so many questions?
What’s knowledge? What is anything?

Who am I? What am I? When am I?
Where am I? Why am I? How am I?
What? Am I?
What’s going on? What’s not going on?

When J. M.W. Turner painted The Banks of the Loire
Did he create a parallel universe
Where the girl staring at the river wonders
If her consciousness flows like a stream?

What are questions?