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Silence shine

When the silence goes over the mountains
And when it goes down into the sea
We never know how far it’s going to go
In the sea or in the trees
And the silence spreads so far away
That no one can say
When you look over and around
You’ll see a rainbow that shines with silence
And you’ll see everywhere this thing wherever you go
Then think about it in your mind
If you look at the sky in your silence
Why does the silence shine all over
’Cause silence is so beautiful and fun
And silence goes all over the world where you can see

Silence trees

Trees have silence in them
Trees spread the silence and the wind all over
In perfect silence
Of the leaves in the trees
You know why
Well, you’ll see
How cool is this world with these trees
These trees bring everything to you
These trees shed you from the sun
If it’s so sunny
That’s right
Do you want to see more with me?

Shining rainbow

Rainbows spread across the world
Even with a bit of silence
And you know that already
’Cause silence is everywhere
’Cause everybody sings songs of silence
You already know that
Yes, that’s true
Would you like to come with me
To see a bit more?
You would?
Then just come with me to see more
And more and more and more

The leaves and the trees

When the leaves go in the trees
They make a cradle
They make a sound like a lullaby
They make the cool wind
And the air for us to breathe
And they make you sing a song
That’s what everybody says
And so that’s true
While they whisper in the breeze
And while they sing songs
That’s the truth
Oh yes, you say

The ages

While you grow and grow and grow
While you continue growing forever
But one day you’ll die
Yes, that’s true
All of that is true
Yes, yes, yes
Okay, okay
Let’s continue
This fabulous day
Let’s continue traveling past this song
Like silence
You know that already
Now that is true
Oh yes, oh yes
Yes, yes, yes
Okay, okay
That’s the song
That we are done with today

Silence/Ages Eleonore Lecue
Eleonore Lecue, 6
Asheville, NC