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A splash in the water, breaking the silence
Before a second one follows.
Carefully I step out,
Directing my feet away from
Elusive little gray
Fish, darting to and fro, and those water bugs,
Gliding gently, before
Hastily rushing off the moment
I stamp my giant black boots. “You
Just scared them away!” And I
Know we’ll always do that, and when we
Leave the park,
More fish will come, to celebrate that the
Notoriously huge people left,
Of course, falling silent as more arrive,
Particularly children.
Quite a lot of noise comes, and I can
Remember that all the
Silence is only
Temporary, and absolutely everyone enjoys
Using the water, listening to the
Valuable sound of
Water skating over the rocks like a
Xylophone’s mallet flowing over it, and I
Yearn to stay, to watch water bugs
Zip away as I try in vain, laughing, to catch them.