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have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly?
flying is falling, just in a different direction.
jumping is swimming, just from a different angle.
sometimes I wonder what weightlessness feels like.
i walk towards the edge of the
i wish I was a bird.
birds are like rockets.
rockets are like life.
you grow, and grow, and grow, until you return to your original state of nothingness
i forget what nothingness feels like.
nothingness must be like weightlessness,
just like falling is like flying.
but if falling is weightlessness, is flying nothingness?
weightlessness is tranquility, in its most pronounced form.
i long for tranquility.
the purely tranquil state seems like a dream
dreams are like salad;
they make you feel healthy, and joyous until
you choke on the random peppercorn that just had to be there.
if falling is weightlessness, and weightlessness is tranquility, then i wish to fall.
to be at peace.
i turn around and face the mountain.
i grip the jagged rocks and climb
up, up, higher and higher,
until I am taller than the stars.
i reach up, and i grasp the sun in the palm of my hand.
i have reached the top of the world.
and now i shall