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Stone Soup Honor Roll: September 2020

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can't publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The Editors

Scroll down to see all the names (alphabetical by section), including book reviewers and artists.


Elise Ko, 10Ava Watford, 12


Phoebe Shatkin, 12


Christian Goh, 12
Freyja Land, 10


Personal Narrative, with the Society of Young Inklings, Fall 2019

Winners (published in this issue)

First Place
Kateri Escober Doran, 12

Second Place
Zoe Kyriakakis, 10

Third Place
Alicia Xin, 13

Honorable Mention
“Cody’s Last Day” by Elena Baltz, 10
“A Story” by Asher Jenvey, 10
“Life in the Jungle” by Arielle Kouyoumdjian, 13
“Writer” by Vandana Ravi, 13
“Believing” by Lily Shi, 11
“Kingdom in the River” by Lydia Taylor, 13
“Gentle Hands” by Michelle Wang, 12