Online Access to Stone Soup for Schools and Libraries

Online Access to Stone Soup for Schools and Libraries

Stone Soup Magazine
May 2019

SScover-3-4_16.inddWelcome! Over the next few months we are developing the online version of Stone Soup, the magazine by children, for use in schools and libraries. We are looking for teachers working in grades 3 through 8 to help us develop what is now a beta product. Institutions participating in this development program will receive free months of usage once the site is rolled out, and a substantive discount on your initial institutional subscription.

We need feedback. Features that are in the works include curriculum material, interviews with young adult authors, interviews with Stone Soup writers, inspiring readings and performances by young authors, and much more. We are looking to make a site that works for you — the classroom teacher. If you’d like to participate in this beta project, then please sign up for either a personal subscription or an institutional subscription so you can try out this site with your students. Also, please write to me, William Rubel, to let me know that you are interested in giving feedback and making suggestions.

Thank you.


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