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October 2017

Thank you for downloading the Stone Soup app.

  1. To register up to five apps for iOS and/or Android devices, please go to the Stone Soup website and subscribe to Stone Soup.
  2. Once you have a subscription, then, if you haven’t already, download the Stone Soup Magazine App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, and open it.
  3. Next, the next time you login to your account, you will be able to register up to five iOS or Android devices.
  4. This is what you will see when you login to your account.  
  5. When you click on the Add New Mobile Device, a line will appear just above it with your code.
  6. This is what that line with the code says. “Use this token in the next 5 minutes to register your mobile device to your account: A token  in bold will appear at the end of this statement.. It will have a form like this — E1098D5. This is only an example, however. To get your actual code you have to login to your account, as mentioned in step 3.
  7. Go back to your tablet or phone, choose Stone Soup Account Login from the menu, it is the last item.
  8. As you are not yet registered, at the top of the app menu you will see two red boxes. The top says SUBSCRIBE and under that LOGIN. Click on LOGIN. 
  9. Enter that device code, and you are in.
  10. Once you are in the full Stone Soup archive going back twenty years will load. We encourage you to introduce this app to your child and help them use it. Reading Stone Soup on the app, rather than in our website, reduces distractions — it isn’t the internet — and is more like a huge book — in this case, one with a couple thousand pages. If your child plans on using our app offline for an extended period, like on a vacation where he or she will be doing lots of reading, download stories ahead of time so they will be on your device when it is offline.










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