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Fragile, and weak, like delicate glasswork,
Flocks of birds ran away, weakened like retreat.
Wind blew and tsunamis wrecked, and they are ones that lurk.
How the birds remember this was a crystal sea of dew,
But now, lightning, tsunamis, and winds flooded the trees and nests.
And then, the cause of this was a terrible wreck, and flocks and flocks of birds flew.
Saltwater waves were peaceful, and were no problems for sandpipers, but now, the birds were hopeless
And soaked. Birds chirped for help as hatchlings closed their eyes and heard everything.
Grown birds took care of their bird children and sheltered them like coats.
The birds sat down in their nests, desperate for the moth-eaten storm to end.
The birds waited for a long eternity, and the sun rose as birds chirped with relief.
The sun was like a gift that people could lend.
A rainbow shined down at the end of the storm; the birds were amazed.
The water was clear and crystalized. Again.