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What is Stone Soup?

Stone Soup: 100% Authored & Illustrated by Kids Since 1973

Stone Soup, the literary magazine and website written and illustrated by kids age 13 and under, has been inspiring children to read, write, and create their own art since 1973.

Inspire the children in your life with exceptional novellas, short stories, and poetry, beautiful art and photography, and thought-provoking reviews—all created by their peers (and maybe, one day, by your young reader as well!).

Activities & Works That Inspire
  • Library of 100+ creativity prompts, with new ones released weekly
  • Weekly writing workshop as well as a library of past workshops
  • Monthly virtual Book Club for Writers
  • Weekly flash contests
  • An annual book contest
  • Book reviews by young writers
  • Interviews with Stone Soup authors
  • Frequent blog posts by young writers on everything from current events to recent travel and how-to guides
Why the World Loves Stone Soup
Stone Soup is published by the nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) Children’s Art Foundation. As an educational charity, we rely on subscriptions and donations to fund our work. Founded in 1973 and now with 47 years of creative output by children, your support helps us continue our mission of supporting the writers and artists of the future.
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