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School/Teacher Subscription

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With Stone Soup, Teachers Can:

  • Provide students with thousands of examples of exemplary poems, stories, and book reviews—all written by their peers;
  • Work toward a concrete goal—publication—with in-class writing projects;
  • Challenge students to create their best work;
  • Connect students to a community of other young creators;
  • Encourage students to write with urgency about topics they love—either for the magazine or as regular bloggers for the website;
  • Motivate even reluctant and struggling young writers to express themselves in the style and genre that is meaningful for them; and
  • Access PDFs of the current issues (monthly during the school year) and access the 20 years of archival issues in searchable form.

Bring Stone Soup to Your Entire School

Consider making Stonesoup.com available for students across your school. [If a site license interests you, please contact us at education@stonesoup.com . We will answer your questions and help you get set up with a free trial.]

You can also order Stone Soup for your school from your magazine agencies such as EBSCO and WT Cox.

What is Stone Soup?

Stone Soup: 100% Authored & Illustrated by Kids Since 1973

Stone Soup is the literary magazine and website written and illustrated by kids through age 13. Now in its 47th year, Stone Soup has been inspiring children to read, write and create their own artworks for publication in our magazine since 1973. Our young authors’ and artists’ work is also published in our Annual, and on our blog.

Inspire the children in your life with great short stories and poetry, beautiful art and photography, and thought-provoking reviews–all written by their peers, and published in a style and format they can take real pride in.

Activities & Works That Inspire
  • Stories, poems, illustrations & photography
  • Book reviews
  • Blogs by talented young writers
  • Contests
  • Writing and art prompts
  • Projects to help you be a better writer
  • Interviews with Stone Soup Authors
  • Curated interviews with Young Adult Authors
  • The right for authors & artists to submit
Why the World Loves Stone Soup
Stone Soup is published by the nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) Children’s Art Foundation. As an educational charity, we rely on subscriptions and donations to fund our work. Founded in 1973 and now with 47 years of creative output by children, your support helps us continue our mission of supporting the writers and artists of the future.

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