Noah Lennon-Heiden

Deep Observation, by Noah

At 8:30 pm I—still wet from my post-swimming practice shower– sat down on my soft blue couch with a plate of warm red pasta in my lap to watch the Cincinnati Reds take on the Milwaukee Brewers. After about 10 minutes two of my dogs, Butter the coonhound, (with her floppy ears and her habit […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Noah

It was all about the Frosty Malt. Frozen solid in a paper cup with a thick wooden spoon “like a stick,” my dad said, it took a while to make its appearance. “They came around with the most popular items that people wanted like beer, popcorn, and hotdogs. But I kept looking.” When the vendor […]

Memory as Character, by Noah

Baseball Family Tornadoes tore through the Midwest in the early hours of April 1, 2023. Following the reports on my Dad’s iphone, the four of us pulled on shoes and wrapped ourselves in blankets to head down to the basement. Barely more than a potato cellar with bare beams on the ceiling and dirt on […]