Video Games and the Power of Storytelling

When you think of video games, what do you usually think of? The gameplay. Take Minecraft. A sandbox game with endless possibilities. How about Fortnite? A battle Royale shooter with casual and competitive players. But what do most people not really think of when you mention video games? Their stories. Don’t get me wrong, video […]

Community: A Most Unique TV Show

In the first episode of the sitcom Community, Jeff Winger, a lawyer disbarred for faking his bachelor’s degree, has to go to Greendale Community College to get his degree. To win over a woman in his Spanish class, he pretends to be a Spanish tutor with his own study group. Five others from the class […]

Daily Creativity #13: Focus on the Letter W

It’s Wednesday! Today, we are going to be guided by a letter of the alphabet: W! Really focus on the W in the What, Where, and Who of your Work. Create a drama that takes place on a Wednesday, in a place (or places) beginning with W, in which all the characters have names beginning […]