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A collection of enigmatic fables

Mouse Trouble

There were seventeen mice in a small and stiff classroom.

Every few seconds you heard a sneeze, and not one mouse really paid attention.

Instead, they passed notes and whispered.

One day, one mouse handed a crinkled paper to another mouse. The note read: “Yell as loud as you can, and I’ll give you twenty bucks.” The mouse flipped the scrap of paper over and wrote, “Yes.” So, then the one mouse took a deep breath and screeched like 700 banshees.

She was sent to the principal’s office as the other mouse laughed and said, “I’m not giving you the twenty bucks. Who are you kidding?!”

Vanessa’s Letter

Vanessa was going to send her friend Clarice a letter. An important one.

She thought she knew Clarice’s address and phone number, but she couldn’t be sure.

She could ask her mom, but she was too comfy to move.

She wrote the address she thought was the correct address and sent it off.

Instead of Clarice’s house, it got sent to people wearing belts and rags. A woman named Lagestry read the letter and smiled wickedly.

For she had a wicked plan.

The Moon, the Star, and the Sun

“I will destroy you,” shouted the moon while chasing a tricky star. “Catch me if you can,” snickered the star, running in a confusing circle away from the moon.

They did not know they were actually running around the sun.

The moon was big and wobbly and accidentally kicked the sun as it ran. The sun got really angry, and his face looked as if it were saying, “Don’t mess with me, for I am the wrath of angels.” The sun then roared and started after the moon. The sun was very quick and ran right into the moon. Then the moon ran right into the star. Soon they were all bruised and in a tangled mess.

Lana’s Flying

Lana believed she could fly.

Every day she jumped off the diving board and flapped her hands after she jumped.

Every time she tried, she landed in the water in a belly flop.

She never quit.

Analise Braddock
Analise Braddock, 8
Katonah, NY