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The narrator celebrates the sights, sounds, and smells of New York City

I step out of my school, and immediately noise fills my ears. The honking of cars, the steady chatter of kids as they leave, the footsteps, the wind in the trees. This is the very heartbeat of our city.

I greet my mom or dad, depending on the day. We walk toward the train, the hard, gray sidewalk pushing against my feet as I walk. The wind stings my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, but I walk anyway, against the breath of the beautiful soul that is New York.

Shops are crammed next to each other along the sidewalk, like people sitting on a subway during rush hour. The windows are smudged and the doors are grimy. The faded brick seems to sag, like an old man who has seen many things in his life.

Delicious smells fill the air, tickling my nose and making my stomach yearn for food. Food there is, indeed. Food from Europe, Asia, Africa, everywhere you could possibly think of. I don’t have enough noses.

Cars shoot past like bullets, and a train honks in the distance. We’re getting close to the station.

We round the corner and duck into the deep, dusty staircase. People hurry down the stairs beside us, not looking at anyone, not pausing for a single second. They must all have somewhere to be.

We turn toward the tall metal booth-like structures that you must pass through to board a subway. I pause amidst the chaos, digging through my packed backpack until I bring out my MetroCard.


I stand back up again, with slight difficulty. Countless people are swarming around the entrance machines. I edge toward the machine slowly, and make my way through to the platform.

I wait with my parents. People are all looking at their phones, checking for trains impatiently.

I feel the train before I see it. The ground shakes beneath my feet, and the train shoots into the station. We board, swimming through the crowded car to find a small air pocket.

As the train dances along the tracks, I think about how unique New York is. So many people (who really do all seem to be in a rush), so many cultures, so much food.


There is no place in the entire world quite like New York City.