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A trusting lion and a cautious tigress have an adventure with a sneaky snake

In a deep, dark, and dense forest there lived two friends—a lion and a tigress. They had been friends since they were cubs. They went on many adventures together. This story is about one such adventure.

Lion was very trusting, but kind. Tigress, on the other hand, didn’t trust people so easily. Now, in this forest lived another animal—a sneaky snake. Sneaky Snake had not had a meal for a week. He was anxious to find a big meal. He had his eyes set on the biggest animal in the forest. Who else but Lion? He was looking for an opportunity to trap the lion. He knew he couldn’t beat the lion in combat, so he needed a clever plan to trick the lion. He knew the lion was gullible and trusted everyone easily. Sneaky Snake hatched a despicable plan to trap the lion.

One beautiful Friday morning, Lion remarked, “Tigress, do you want to go with me for a sprint?”

“Sorry, Lion, but I can’t come right now. I have to finish the cooking and clean the house.”

“Okay.” Lion sprinted away.

It was a very humid day, so when Lion was halfway across the forest, he got tired and thirsty. Sneaky Snake was keeping a close watch on the lion. Just as Lion was taking a break, Sneaky Snake approached him.

“Why hello, great Lion! You look exhausted! I am happy to offer you a drink in my air-conditioned home. It’s right around the corner. You are welcome to come.” “Thank you!” Lion thought Sneaky Snake was so incredibly kind and helpful.

Lion sprinted after the slithering Sneaky Snake to the snake’s house.

*          *          *

When Lion and Sneaky Snake reached the snake’s house, Lion could smell delicious spices simmering in a big cauldron. Sneaky Snake liked flavorful meals, after all. When Lion entered, Sneaky Snake locked the door. Click!

Lion finally became suspicious. “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m going to eat you! Don’t you smell the spices in the cauldron? You’re going in there!”

“Oh no!” Lion was trapped. He roared his most ferocious roar.

In the meantime, Tigress was wondering what was taking Lion so long. “He should have been back home by now.”

She set out to look for him. Just as she was strolling past Sneaky Snake’s house, she heard Lion’s roar.

“That’s my friend!”

She ran and broke open the door with her claws. She grabbed Lion out of Sneaky Snake’s house and they both ran and as fast as they could through the forest back home.

*          *          *

Blue Water Droplets
Blue Water Droplets

At home, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lion, now you know that not everyone can be trusted. You should trust people you know well. Take some time to get to know people.”

Lion handed Tigress a glass of lemonade he had made. “Thank you, my friend.

I have learned an important lesson.”

Lion and Tigress sipped lemonade on their porch watching the sun set.