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from Remember the Flowers
Winner (Poetry) of the 2021 Stone Soup Book Contest

Come play with me, Oppa.
It rained yesterday, you know.
The rain left fields of three-leaf clovers.
We kneeled in the damp, weed-blanketed grass.
In the forest of clovers there was a clearing.
We built a house of twigs there,
a stone path winding through the forest
up to the empty well of sticks.


The day after that the gardeners came,
their boots trodding on our masterpiece.
They weeded and mowed, picked and pruned,
crushing our town with rubber daggers.
When we returned to the fields,
it rained no more.

The forest of clovers was gone.

Remember the Flowers was released on September 1, 2022.
You can order the book at Barnes & Noble or through our Amazon store: Amazon.com/stonesoup.