The Four Seasons

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
June 2019

By Grace Jiang, Art by Meredith Rohrer

Fawn in a clearing


A golden leaf falls on Little Deer’s nose,
he jumps around playfully,
“Fall has come! Fall has come!” he calls.
His father bellows, “We must go find more food
or the cold white sheet will bury it all!”

Little Fox jumps around in the white powder,
that once had millions of flowers in it.
Now it is cold and wet.
He whines to his mother, “I must go play with Brown Bear!”
His mother whispers, “You must wait till spring.”

Spring has come!
Little Horse is only a month old,
yet he jumps as high as his mother.
“Look! Look! I see a bush of daffodils!”
He prances over to the bush and sighs, “Spring is here.”

Two happy birds sing,
“Summer has come!
Food is plentiful,
but we must eat lots
because fall is soon to come.”

It is fall again,
Little Deer has grown up.
Now he has his own mate and child.
A fawn calls, “Fall is here! Fall is here!”
He smiles at the fawn and calls,
“We must go find more food
or the cold white sheet will bury it all!”
He sounds just like his father.

Grace Jiang The Rose

Grace Jiang, 11
Ontario, Canada

Meredith Rohrer Fawn in a Clearing

Meredith Rohrer, 10
El Cajon, CA

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