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A Lonely Girl

A mysterious, ghostly figure wanders the forest at night

The woods glowed that mildewy night in October as the transparent, lilac-colored figure hovered eerily between dense thickets of elegant dark green pine trees, whose rich aroma curled through the forest. The lady waded through roaring black-colored rivers, tearing through the determined barriers of water. She stopped, but only to lean against an ancient, knobbly tree, and let out a choked cry that rears up in your ears only to come rolling into your heart and leave it weeping the purest and most tender of tears for the lost caller. The pale being looked up at the luminous, pearly white moon and flinched, as if something so bright and hopeful had wounded her permanently and forced her to live in such darkness and be so helpless. Suddenly, the figure stood up and slunk away into the shadows where all strange things are called.

Carmen Flax Author of The Ghost of the Forest
Carmen Flax, 10
Liechhardt, Australia

Sloka Ganne Artist of A Lonely Girl
Sloka Ganne, 9
Overland Park, KS