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Isn’t there a time where you think that you should be doing something, changing it, and wanting to? But not knowing how to, and then think, Why do I have an obligation to do this?

I do.

Whenever people talk about pollution and global warming, I agree with them all the way. Climate change is affecting all of us. The trees. The animals. The humans who don’t even realize it.

I want to do something about it. I recycle. I reuse. I reduce. I tell people what is going on and the difference that they can make.

*          *          *

One day when I’m all grown up, I’ll donate to research and install solar panels on my home. I’ll have a job that concerns the environment and the climate.

*          *          *

Sometimes I wonder to myself, Why? Why do I have to do this? How does the action of recycling one bottle a day contribute to helping the earth, with billions of people not doing what I do?

When I get too caught up in the nice new houses and new shops, I tell myself to stop. That this isn’t good for me and others.

It’s hard to do that.

Because I’ll probably be long gone when this Earth will be barren and dry.

I mean, do I have an obligation to the people of the future?

*          *          *

Yes, I think I do.

Claire Jiang
Claire Jiang, 12
Princeton, NJ