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A lonely, empty house does everything it can to attract new occupants

Once upon a time there was a lonely house. It had not always been lonely. The house had become very unmodern after all the years. On one fine morning the house thought, Why don’t I become modern? After thinking this, the house changed its inside and changed its outside to be more modern.

Rustic Cottage

The next day many people were looking and thinking, Maybe we should buy the “new” house. Finally, a couple called the Fans bought the house, and they had two kids. They thought the house was great and loved it. But they had to leave because Mrs. Fan got a job. As the house watched their car speed off, it thought, Maybe I need to become more high tech than the other houses? So once again, the house upgraded its inside and upgraded its outside to become more high tech than the others.

This time, a couple called the Meadows bought it. The Meadows had three kids. They also loved the house. But after two years they had to go on an important business trip and found a new house there. So, the house thought, What is all this worth? Every time I change, a family comes and then goes. So, what’s the point?

And then after this thought, it changed back into the old unmodern house that it had been. And after a long wait, vines started creeping up and growing flowers. Birds started to make nests on the roof. But the house looked beautiful no matter what.

Then after some time, an old couple bought it and lived in it forever.