The Juggle Man

 /   /  By Emma Birches
Stone Soup Magazine
April 2019

By Analise Braddock, Art by Adhi Sukhdial




One day I went to the juggle place and on a shelf sat the juggle man.

He said to me you took a juggle now give it back to me.

The owner of the juggle place said to go home and then she called the police.

The police said outside there is young poor Sally with balls in hand but cannot juggle.

Then the police said on a Monday you took a suitcase on Tuesday you took a toothbrush and on Friday you poured milk.

What a bad girl you have been.

The Juggle Man Annalise Braddock

Analise Braddock, 7
Katonah, NY

Color City Adhi Sukhdial

Adhi Sukhdial, 7
Stillwater, OK

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