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Cherry Blossom Visitor


Long, long ago in a scorching, wet rainforest, where the leaves of trees were covered in sweat, lived a poor family. They had: a sister called Vigo, a boy called Cancy, and a mother, but the father was killed by a crocodile.

One day, when Vigo was exploring the jungle, a vivid spark fluttered past. It was a butterfly but not an ordinary one because it was speaking. It sang: “Hi, girl, I’m The Magic Butterfly and poor people can make a wish!”

“Are you joking?!”

“No,” the butterfly said while gliding. Vigo waddled towards the insect.

Then, as expected, the girl said: “I wish my family were the richest in the world!”

When Vigo got home, she found her house was loaded with gold as heavy as an elephant.

Then, ruthlessly, they started spending their wealth and bought a fabulous house. Soon the money ran out!

The End

The Magic Female Butterfly Seven Guo
Seven Guo, 6
London, UK