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The Magic Pen and the Superhero

Jeremy finds a magic pen that will help him fight his school’s bullies

Jeremy was a dreamer who constantly hoped for an adventurous life, full of supernatural encounters. Like most boys at his age, Jeremy also wished for superpowers and extraordinary adventures. But despite excellent grades and various school achievements, Jeremy was constantly miserable because he was a victim of bullying.

His love and passion for mathematics got him the nickname “Nerd,” which was anything but kind. But what gave Jeremy comfort, especially in the dark days when older boys bullied him, was the unconditional love of his family and the amazing friendship he shared with a little boy named Michael.

Michael had a tougher time than Jeremy, as older boys always mocked his appearance and skinny framework. Often, Jeremy wished he could turn into a superhero so he could protect his friend and all the kids who were constantly bullied.

He wanted to invent a fantastic object or something that could revolutionize the whole world, making it a better place for everyone around him. His invention would erase hate, pain, and differences among kids. And one day, his secret wish was answered.

It all started with the day when he found a beautiful pen on the street. At first, Jeremy thought the pen was an ordinary one, but then he saw that the writing instrument had magical qualities. After a simple touch of the pen, his homework would write itself. So Jeremy tried to see if this would work even with his English composition—and yet again, in just a few seconds, an essay was written without any effort from his side.

Then Jeremy’s plans became more ambitious and he drew two big wings that were attached through a belt to his body, and he flew into the night, overpassing buildings and cities. For five days, Jeremy drew things he’d always wanted, like a pair of magical ears with which he listened to people’s thoughts or a suit that would make him invisible. He played like this until he realized that superpowers meant nothing if they weren’t shared with his friends. Thus, he drew another magical pen for his good friend Michael.

The next day, Jeremy left for school having hidden the two enchanted writing instruments in his pencil box.

After meeting his good friend, Jeremy recounted everything about his latest adventures with the pen. Following his story, he offered the second pen to his friend. To his great surprise, the boy refused the gift and went on to ask, “And how do you intend to use your new-found powers against those bullies?”

Jeremy told Michael about his plan of becoming a powerful superhero who would beat the bad boys the way they used to beat him. But instead of enthusiasm, he saw fear on his friend’s face. He asked Michael which part of the plan burdened him.

“I’m concerned because you don’t see that this pen and your new powers are transforming you into a different person. Using an unknown force against those boys doesn’t make you better than them. I don’t think I want to be friends with someone who wants to dominate others through power. I like my old friend, the good Jeremy, but I dislike this power-hungry superhero.”

And Michael left Jeremy all alone and very confused.

At the end of the day, the bad boys who were always bullying the younger kids stopped in front of Jeremy’s class. This time, they were harassing a blonde girl, pulling her ponytail and screaming names at her.

Jeremy wanted to draw a sketch of his super suit so he could save the girl from those horrible kids, but then he saw that an older child intervened. The brown-haired boy defended the young girl exactly like a comic book superhero and stopped the villains without even moving a finger.

It was then when Jeremy understood that younger kids like him don’t need magical pens but rather friends like that teenager who have the courage to go up against bad boys and do the right thing.

The youngster didn’t attack the bullies because aggressiveness is a distinctive feature of super-villains. Instead, he showed them that he could be as ferocious as them. Of course, the bullies didn’t expect to find someone who would stand up against them, and when they found that person, they proved to be cowards, running as fast as they could from the danger.

That day, Jeremy understood that superheroes live among us and they don’t need super-wings or super-suits.

Tudor Achim
Tudor Achim, 9
Tampa, FL