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Some people think that monsters
are bad, that monsters are scary
hairy and mad, but maybe
just maybe if you hear a roar
outside your bedroom door
and you invite the sound in,
maybe you won’t see a scary,
bad, mad, monsterest creature;
you’ll see a scared, sad, lonely
creature instead.
And when you say “come to my bed,”
you see the monster shrink
just a thread, and when
the monster is snuggled up
close, you feel the monster
shrink a foot. By the time
you’ve laughed and played
a game, the monster is
the same size as the helmet you
wear when you’re
polluxing the polluxes out of your hair.
After you read the monster
a book about a band, the monster
could fit in your hand. As your
eyes were trying to stay awake,
the monster disappeared just like
that but all you can do is
hope the monster hopefully,
just hopefully, will come back.

Ivy Cordle The Monsters
Ivy Cordle, 9
Princeton, NJ