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The water gushed from the waterfall that I could just about see and it formed a sapphire river feeding life itself. Dark green shrubs poked their beautiful heads out of the ground pleading with the smiling sun to grow and live. Just by looking at this beautiful jewel, a feeling of pure happiness washed over me. Birds sang an orchestral song and they fluttered over me while the wind blew a gentle gust of wind as I slept, not to wake for eons to come. The bridge’s planks were strong and sturdy like bodybuilders. Small fish gently swam and talked in an indecipherable language. Reeds waved to the wind, sang from sleep, and smiled a green leafy smile. The flowers all radiated beauty and life. Ants skittered to and from their anthill, all serving their queen, while a pretty butterfly alighted on my finger. All evil fled into the dark pits of hell to meet the devil while God in his heavenly throne granted the hope, wishes, and prayers of all. This was a nearly sacred idyll, undisturbed by tourists and their noisy cameras. Smoke floated up from the chimneys of the nearby village and the forest replenished the air while creatures squeaked as they ran in and out of trees. Cows mooed and talked and played with their calves. Flicks of migrating swallows showed their skill on the wing and their tails directed them home. I trotted home only to in the night dream about going to that ball of magic again.

The Power of Nature Adam Smith
Adam Smith, 10
London, UK