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The Four Seasons


Birch trees so brown and white
Glowing in the moonlight
Shaking trees
In the howling breeze
The tall trees
Have falling leaves
There is a bird’s nest
Where it will rest
It is so tall
So do not fall
Sleds sliding the snow
Santa comes with a ho
Frozen ice starts melting into water
As it gets hotter
The ski
Was near the tree
From the top of the tree
You can see the sea
The beautiful stream
Is like a dream
Frozen toes
Are standing in the winter snows
The snowman so tall
He may fall
The horse trudging through the snow
Farmers do not need the hoe
While bears go into hibernation
The beautiful carnation blooms

Santa’s hat
Fell on a cat
Rudolph’s nose
Lit a hose
That is how winter goes

*          *          *


In the months of spring flowers bloom
No more cold winter doom
The melted ice turns into water
Because it got hotter
Blossoming trees
In the cool breeze
No more ice and snow
So farmers need their hoe
Birds are back
Don’t say ack
No more heavy rain for flowers
Only April showers
Baby animals are born
Some have horns
While bears wake from hibernation
The beautiful carnation has bloomed
Growing leaves
On trees
You need to use a hose
Even when the spring wind blows
That is how spring goes

*          *          *


In the season of summer
There is almost no bummer
It is bright and sunny
It is nice and funny
Whisper in others’ ears
Summer is here
The holidays make everyone happy
Don’t be snappy
The summer breeze goes here and there
It does not give a blast of air
On July 4 it is Independence Day
So watch the beautiful fireworks and say hey
The leaves
Stay on trees
Everything is ripe
People type
Watch the beautiful sunset
As you eat baguette
Water the seeds with a hose
And put the fertilizer that I chose
This is how summer goes

*          *          *


Falling leaves
In the howling breeze
Trees are so tall
Leaves still fall
Birds flying south
Turkey in your mouth
Cold weather here and there
Running and jumping mare
Yellow, red, and orange falling leaves
While the farmer heaves
Piles of leaves on the road
Being a heavy load
Everyone is jumping
Nobody is bumping
Thanksgiving and Halloween are there
Families having fun here and there
The harvest is coming
Farmers are humming
The icy wind blows
Mighty fine big boughs
That is how autumn goes


The Seasons Vidhat Kartik
Vidhat Kartik, 9
Saratoga, CA

Avery Multer The Four Seasons
Avery Multer, 12
Chicago, IL