Stone Soup Interns

Current Interns

Eori Tokunaga (2023)

Eori is a current graduate student in the San Jose State University MLIS program. She graduated with a B.S. in Human Development with dual minors in Japanese & Psychology from UC Davis in 2018. Using her previous experiences working in Animation/Visual Development, Psychology, Public Health, and Social Work, Eori intends to pursue a career in Digital Marketing.

Eori currently lives in Los Angeles, working as a library assistant for a public library and as a graduate student assistant while attending school full-time. When she’s free, she likes to play with her dog Hana, create watercolor illustrations, and write picture book manuscripts in the hopes of becoming an established Author/Illustrator for children’s books one day.

As a marketing intern, Eori will assist with increasing engagement on Stone Soup’s social media platforms and help codify and streamline Stone Soup’s promotional messaging.

Former Interns

Anya Geist (2020–21)

Anya Geist is a ninth grader who lives in Worcester, Massachusetts, with her parents and dog, Freya. She has liked writing from a very early age—particularly vignettes—and has been published in Stone Soup several times, for both writing and photography. Additionally, she enjoys swimming, tennis, and Model UN, and, this past fall, she started a literary journal at her high school.

As a Stone Soup intern, Anya ran a series of interviews with Stone Soup contributors, co-facilitated the Book Club alongside Laura Moran, and helped publish writing workshop pieces on the website each week!

Gina Gruss (2020–21)

Gina Marie Gruss (she/her) is a senior at the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of FAU, double majoring in Creative Writing and Visual Art. She is a born-and-raised south Floridian. She is an award-winning writer, artist, and photographer, and her works have been featured by Amazon Prime Video, Mensa America, Wattpad, and FAU. She recently received a grant in creating a piece that fuses art and technology, called “Hotspot.” Her eclectic works often touch on underrepresented and liminal narratives. When not making her next creative work, she loves planning events, swimming, cooking, baking, and spending time with her two cats, Athena and Apollo.

As a Stone Soup intern, Gina worked on multiple projects to boost engagement across the website and various social media platforms in order to further solidify Stone Soup’s visual identity and branding.

Ryan Hudgins (2020–21)

Ryan Hudgins is a rising junior at the University of Richmond, double majoring in Journalism and Leadership Studies. She currently resides in her hometown of Chicago, a few blocks away from the mailbox where she submitted her first Stone Soup story, which appeared on the “Honor Roll” of the September/October 2016 issue.

As the editorial intern for Stone Soup’s Editor-in-Chief Emma Wood, Ryan conducted a first read of fiction and personal narrative submissions and assisted with the production of the monthly issues.

Claire Jiang (2020–21)

Claire Jiang is currently a freshman at the Lawrenceville High School. She lives in New Jersey with her family of three (yes, plus the dog). She is an avid reader and writer, submitting multiple works to Stone Soup in the past. Her other passions include music, singing, and being a classical pianist. Stone Soup and its artists have always been a source of inspiration for her and she was very excited to further contribute to the magazine as an intern.

Sage Millen (2020–21)

Sage is thirteen years old and lives in Vancouver, Canada. She enjoys writing (usually fantasy) and photography, including dance, animal, and portrait photography. She also loves animals—she FINALLY got a puppy for her birthday this year after begging for one her entire life! Sage has spent a lot of vacations hiking and kayaking in the remote wilderness, watching wildlife, which has been a major influence on her artwork.

As a Stone Soup intern, Sage was involved in various special projects, such as writing creativity prompts, co-judging a flash contest, and helping generate more submissions of original musical compositions, among other things.

Sim Ling Thee (2020–21)

Sim Ling Thee (she/her) is a young Southeast Asian writer. She has placed in numerous writing competitions, including being the youngest finalist for New Zealand’s NFFD Youth Competition 2020, and her work has been published or is forthcoming in Stone Soup, Shameless Magazine, and Skipping Stones. She is also a staff writer for Gen Z Writes, Plastic-Lite SG, and The Augment Review, among others. Outside of writing, she’s a cybersecurity enthusiast and a proud INTJ!

You can read more about Sim Ling on her blog.

Sabrina Guo (2019)

Sabrina Guo is a fifteen-year-old from New York. She is an award-winning student journalist, poet, novelist, violinist, entrepreneur, and a young humanitarian.  She is the recipient of the Civic Expression Award and five Gold Medals from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and a winner of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Awards, the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Awards, and Poetry Society of Virginia’s Jenkins Prize. She is also the founder of Long Island Laboring Against COVID-19 (LILAC) and Girl Pride International. She loves being in nature, going to the beach, riding her black bike with pink streaks, listening to music, and playing with her tabby cat Daisy 24/7.

As a Stone Soup intern, Sabrina interviewed all of the company’s senior management (CEO, EIC, etc.) and developed an in-house operation manual. She also worked with the leadership team to develop an ongoing program that features works by young refugee artists, including film, photography, art, and writing.

Sam Rozal (2018–19)

Sam Rozal is currently an undergraduate student (but soon-to-be a masters student) who got involved with Stone Soup after taking a course about literary journals with Emma Wood at UC-Santa Cruz! During her time interning at Stone Soup, she was blown away by the level of talent within the community. Sam loves writing, especially science writing, and she is currently working on a research project about beach litter.

As a Stone Soup intern, Sam worked on social media and outreach as well as reading through submissions for the book contest in 2019.